The Process

Once we step on the lanes it is just us and the pins. It is about that one shot we are about to execute that very moment.
Never looking back, never looking ahead, that one moment, every single time.
It is a process.

Bowling is not just hard on the mental side considering shots under high pressure, but it is about those games when we have to grind, it is constantly trying to match up and find the best line with the biggest margin of error.
It is about the focus we need to have every single shot when every pin matters. It is mentally draining.
Bowling is a tough sport and I wish more people could understand that.
Much love to everyone who keeps trying, everyone who keeps failing and never gives up.
I am proud of you

4 thoughts on “The Process

  1. daria, good luck in the u.s. open this week you know you can do it and i will be rooting for you. you have the best physical game out there i just want to wish you the best and will be rooting for you

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