Strengths and Weaknesses

Daria Pajak - Strengths and Weaknesses

I may never be the best bowler and I may never be very successful, but this game has changed my life, it has given me more than just the opportunity to play, it has shaped me to who I am today. I have struggled not once, I fell short right by the finish line, I cried, I was angry but all those times gave me a valuable lesson, it showed me that I am stronger than I have ever thought.
Coming to my second #PWBAtour season I am more aware of my weaknesses, I know my strengths, and for all that I believe I can achieve what I set my mind to.
Mindset is everything 

2 thoughts on “Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. You sound much older in your mind than 26. I love your mind set! It’s the key to unlock anything in life. God Bless Daria!

  2. You are one of my favorite athletes! How do you pronounce your name correctly? My last name, Dura, is of Polish heritage.

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