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I’m on a mission to spread the love for bowling.

I am Daria Pajak. From the adrenaline rush I felt as a little girl throwing a ball down the lane for the first time, my life has been dedicated to bowling.

Though I’ve never taken anything for granted, I’ve always maintained a whole-hearted belief that one day I could turn my passion into my career.

I graduated from Webber International University with three national titles. After taking a year’s break, I joined the Professional Women’s Bowling Association and won Rookie of the Year in my first season.

I have one PWBA title under my belt, and I was Runner-Up in the 2017 US Open.

So here I am, traveling the world and doing what I love most. Apart from competing, my favorite part of it is interacting with people that share the same passion.

I hope I can inspire them by being a living example that dreams really can come true, and that bowling isn’t a matter of luck — it’s all about hard work and a positive mindset.


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Coaching in Alabama

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