My Struggle

World Series of Bowing

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Daria Pajak - World Series of Bowling

World Series of Bowing – my biggest mental struggle of the year, came to an end. I did not make any cuts, did not bowl well, did not pick up all my spares, was not present, was mentally beating myself up, drawning in a bad mindset but the struggle led to one of the biggest […]


Kegel Interview

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I had a pleasure to be invited to KEGEL show a little while back before I left for home ? For those who watched it??‍? ??‍? Is there anything that you particularly liked about this interview, anything that you didn’t❓? Anything that you didn’t know❓Anything that shocked you, inspired you❓Was there anything said that changed […]


Coaching in Alabama

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Last weekend was a bit different than others, I was given an opportunity to coach one of the Webber teams at collegiate event in Mobile, Alabama. Being on the other side changes the perspective, helps to realize what coachable players are like, how the trust to the person behind you reflects in a body language, […]